Your time, your memory

‘Time flies’.
Figuratively said, it’s true. Sometimes we are in a rush and time goes by so fast. We wanna hold on to the moments, wanna capture the moments that are important and special to us. Actually, we can’t, hélas.

But we can start small. When you want to hold on to great experiences, unforgettable moments and unmissable things, try this:
~ Buy a camera, or get your parents’ one :) , and make photos of your favourite things and experiences.
~ Get a paper, write down what you’ve done today or what was special about your day, and collect all papers in a box, like you’re keeping a diary.

Last but not least, try to enjoy every moment, because: When you enjoy, you’ll remember :)

One day you will find the box or you will find your photo collection again, and you’ll see what great stuff you have done!


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