The Day – The Making of

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Visiting Prague was an absolute highlight of my holiday :) When we were in this city, we saw a lot of interesting stuff. Old buildings, delicious shops, historical churches and what was also interesting to me: the ‘foreign’ people.

Yesterday I posted the photo I call: The Day. Today I am explaining you how I made this photo, because this is not official a wedding photo… ^^

Prague has a lot of churches and towers. One of them, the Old Town Hall Tower, is the owner of the famous Astronomical Clock, which dates from the 15th century.  When we were walking along the church, there was a huge group of people standing there, all smiling and laughing. As curious as we are, we were trying to receive a glimpse of what was happening. It appeared to be a ‘wedding’. Yes, I wrote wedding between quotation marks: it turned out to be a fake wedding haha. A photographer and his assistant were making photos of a young couple: a man and a woman in beautiful wedding-clothes.

It looked very nice, amd everyone was applauding when they were finished with the photoshoot. After that, we, the tourists, were allowed to go on the picture with the ‘just-married-couple’.

It was a great and funny happening. My first wedding photo? Well, I hope to take the real one someday :)


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