Hi folks (:

It has been winter for a couple of months now, but a few days ago Mr. Freezin’ and his wife Mrs. Snowflake came in Holland. It’s very cold at the moment, but everyone’s enjoying our collective hobby: ice skating!
Besides enjoying the ice, it’s also time to make photos of lovely landscapes, wonderful tree silhouettes, red faces and cold snowfights.

Enjoy this season! Have a great winter in 2012 and live it with happiness :)

I know Christmas is over, but I really have to share this video with you. It’s a video about a U.S. soldier who’s coming home.


2 reacties op “Winter”

    • Thnxx! Ow wat leuk! Ik heb jouw blog zonet ook even bekeken :) Thijs vertelde me gister over je blog ;) Dus ik wist er al wel iets van hahaZiet er leuk uit! Vrolijk!
      Deze is soms beetje grijs.. Maar vind de lay-out zo leuk xD
      Ik ga sws nog wel vaker op je blog kijken ;)

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